Laser eye surgery in america

LASIK surgery uses the accuracy of a laser beam in order to fix nearsightedness and astigmatism by shaping the surface of the eyeball. This is also known as the cornea. It’s usually done using a local anesthetic. It’s quick and pretty much pain free. You also stay awake and have a fairly short recovery time.

A suction ring is then used to keep the eye in place while a small incision is made to make a flap in the cornea. Then the shape of cornea is changed by laser pulses that vaporize precise areas. To fix farsightedness, the cornea is curved more. To correct nearsightedness, the cornea is made more flat. For astigmatism, the cornea is made more symmetrical. After only a few minutes, the outer corneal flap is put back in place, and the healing starts.


What’s LASIK capable of?

20/20 or better vision is usually the goal, even though LASIK surgery cannot give every patient 20/20 vision. It can most often significantly improve aspects of vision. The surgery is very specific in the way it reshapes the corneal lens. It can help fix nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. If you have these issues and live in Sacramento it’s worth a look on the following website There lies everything you need to know about the eye surgery in your area. 

Is LASIK okay for me?

The easiest way to find out if LASIK is right for you is to take advantage of free consultations. If glasses or contact lenses make your eyesight way better, you’re likely to be a good candidate for LASIK surgery. If your problem is caused by something other than the shape of the corneal lens, for example a cataract or a detached retina, the surgery is not appropriate. Cataract surgery can be perfomed independantly with or without a laser, from companies such as this one. If you are not a candidate for cataract surgery, there are other types that you may be able to go for such as LASEK.

The LASIK technology

Most eye surgeons utilize wavefront scanning, a new software and hardware upgrade which allows for more precise and more predictable results for patients. To see if your local LASIK surgeon uses this technology in Michigan, this is the place to look

Millions of people have had laser vision correction over the past few years. Many want to reduce their need for contact lenses but have been on the fence, waiting for the next technological upgrade. With Custom IR technology, candidates can be quickly identified and eliminated. With this technique, side effects such as halos and glare are greatly reduced. Night vision is also greatly enhanced.

Your personal Eye Doctor

You should be working closely with the eye doctors who you know best and are most at ease with. Your records are shared with your doctor at your request in order for your doctor to be incorporated into the post surgical program.

What people say about LASIK

I never thought about surgically correcting my eyes until I witnessed my mother’s enthusiasm about her new vision, stated by a Sacramento citizen.

Active in many sports, he learned his eyeglasses were particularly incompatible with surfing. The most challenging part was catching waves he could barely see. Surfing also served as an impetus to having the procedure performed as soon as possible, since he was leaving shortly for Australia , where surfing was on the itinerary. I never considered going anywhere else, because I wanted the most competent surgeon doing my procedure.

The day of the surgery he was understandably very nervous, but credits the friendliness and professionalism of LASIK surgeon Dr. Schanzlin and his surgical team with easing any fears. Though his sight was still blurry immediately after the procedure, the next morning he woke up to fantastic vision. Not surprisingly, the first thing the avid surfer did was walk out of his Del Mar home and look up and down the street and then at the ocean.

A citizen from Utah states the following about his procedure. I wanted to express my gratitude again, regarding the entire LASIK process. From the examination to the surgery to the follow-up, I had nothing but the utmost confidence in you. My nervousness had nothing to do with you. I’m thrilled to have 20/15 vision in the one eye. Because of the success there, I feel certain I’ll want the other eye done, sooner or later. Thanks again – it’s really life-changing.